It shall be the policy of the Yancey County Board of Education to provide safe bus transportation
for students of Yancey County. It is the intent of this policy to provide standard procedures to be
followed by each principal in control of student misconduct while said student is being transported. 
Failures to follow the rules and regulations on the bus may result in suspension of the bus riding
privilege. The following rules apply for bus transportation:

Students must stay seated while the bus is moving.
No fighting, use of tobacco products, use of profanity, or refusal to obey instructions.
No vandalizing or defacing the bus in any manner.
No unauthorized leaving the bus when en route.
Seats may be assigned.
No arms, head, etc., out of the windows.
No littering or throwing objects from the bus.

Every effort is being made to provide safe, reliable transportation for students attending
 Bald Creek Elementary School. 

Transportation Plan:
    Unless we get notification of a change, your child will follow their regular transportation plan that you give us at the start of the year.  Please notify the teacher in advance when you wish to change that plan, even if it is a temporary change.  This includes any trips home with another student that requires a different adult to pick them up or a different bus route to be used.  A written parent note must be sent to request this action.

Drop-Off's 7:35 AM
    Please drop your child off in the Drop- Off line in the mornings after 7:35 am.  Line goes behind gym and around to where staff will be there to assist your child out of the car. REMEMBER traffic is ONE WAY!  Please do not escort your child to the classroom unless you have scheduled a meeting with the teacher.  Please remain in the car to help the flow of traffic.

Pick-Up's 2:20 PM
    Early Pick-Ups - Please come to the office, sign out your child, and wait for them to come to you.   The front doors will now be locked at all times.  You will need to buzz the front office to be let in to pick up your child.  
    Regular Pick-Ups - This will occur in the pick-up line around behind gym same as drop- off's.  Please make sure that the person coming to pick up your child is on the list of approved names you provide for us.  Otherwise, students will not be allowed to leave with them. 

Field Trips:
Field trips are out-of-school educational opportunities scheduled by the teacher throughout the school year.  A student will not be allowed to attend a field trip without a signed permission form from the parent/guardian.