Humbling Beginnings

      We are a small, charming, K-5 school  nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Founded in 1895, our stone building stands as the center of a close-knit, youth-oriented and supportive community.  

       The importance of education has long been present in the Bald Creek Community.  This community has been an educational leader in many ways. The first schoolhouse in the Bald Creek was built before the Civil War.  Bald Creek proudly hosted the first public high school in Yancey County, opening in 1907.

       In 1895, the community began a movement to establish a larger, better facility than had ever been possible.  Mr. Thomas Ray gave land for the new school.  Other community men cut trees from their land for lumber.  A united and determined community donated all materials and labor to help establish a better educational facility.  This new building was located just a few hundred feet from our present elementary school.

       A committee of interested citizens secured two young, male college graduates (Mr. Hart and Mr. Elliott) as teachers.  They were very capable and ambitious.  They even proposed to call the new school Mountain City College.  While the new building was being built, classes were held in the old building and the nearby Bald Creek Methodist church.

       Even before the new building was completed, students sought out Bald Creek School from other places such as Madison and McDowell Counties and at least one student from Del Rio, Tennessee.

       Mr. Hart and Mr. Elliott gave up their positions after two years.  Mr. Oscar Sams was appointed as principal and teacher.  He was assisted by Miss Georgia Hampton, who taught music as well.  There was no graduating class at the time, but a three-day commencement was held hosting a prominent speaker and a visiting minister to preach at the nearby Methodist Church.

       At the end of Mr. Sams’ tenure, the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church assumed responsibility of the school and appointed Rev. Berge Abernathy as principal and Rev. A.C. Kennedy as assistant principal.  This lasted for about three years and then the community again took over the operation of the school.  Mr. John C. McEwen (a former teacher) was appointed principal.  Mr. Edgar Mallonee followed him.

       Some years later, Mr. Charles R. Hubbard became principal.  He remained in his position for twelve years and the school grew and prospered.

       During the early twenties there was a large number of boarding students from Madison County, Little Switzerland, Relief, and other areas of the county.  Another building was soon added to house elementary students.

In the early part of the 1930's, President Roosevelt created the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to help our country recover from the Great Depression. The WPA provided needed jobs to many people, and as a result, Yancey County benefitted from the building of several schools. Bald Creek was one of these. Built in 1938, this historic school still provides a wonderful learning environment for our students and stands strong as a tribute to what Americans can achieve. 

We who learn and teach here are proud of its history and are grateful to be Bald Creek Eagles.